Program Summary

Degree Offered:

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice

Classes Addressing Student Outcomes

CJ110 Intro to Criminal Justice
CJ210 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice
CJ211/12 Intro to Law Enforcement/Corrections
CJ214 Criminal Investigation
CJ215 Criminal Law
CJ240 Agency Administration

This intensive program is recommended for students who wish to enter the criminal justice field shortly after graduation. This degree option is not generally recommended for students transferring to a four-year school. Emphasis is placed on practical application as well as theory. Students develop the skills required for entry into criminal justice or related industries. The Guide may be modified to reflect student interests, to meet their educational goals and/or the requirements of a particular criminal justice agency.

Suggested Program of Study

Technical Certificate Hours
Upon completion of the Criminal Justice Technical Certificate a student may choose to enter the KLETC or equivalent law enforcement academy training. Upon completion of the academy training a student may choose to transfer those credits back to CCC to be awarded the Associate of Applied Science through CCC.
 Associate of Applied Science through CCC12 
Min. Credit Hours to Graduate:63

Technical Certificate

EN176English Comp I3
 Oral Communication - Gen. Ed.3
 Social /Behavioral - Gen. Ed.3
 Humanities - Gen. Ed.3
 Social/ Behavioral OR Humanities - Gen. Ed.3
SO100Student Success3
CJ110Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CJ210Introduction to Juvenile Justice3
CJ211Introduction to Law Enforcement3
CJ214Principles of Investigation3
CJ215Criminal Law3
CJ216Criminal Justice Interview & Report Writing3
CJ233Criminal Procedures3
CJ237Professional Responsibility in Criminal Justice3
CJ240Agency Administrative & Management3
 Criminal Justice Electives9