• Finish in just one semester!
  • 100% online with one required Saturday and Sunday “boot camp”
  • Open to full-time, part-time, and high school students
  • Job placement assistance

Analysts foresee that product innovation and an increase in mergers and acquisitions will only facilitate the continued growth and success of the telecommunications industry.

Telecommunications has become an increasingly important basic industry, which bodes well for its future prospects and continued growth. The continuing advances in high-speed mobile services and Internet connectivity between devices keep driving innovation and competition within the sector.

Much of the industry focus is on providing faster data services, especially in the area of high-resolution video. Essentially, the driving forces are toward quicker and clearer services, increased connectivity and
multi-application usage.

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BOOT CAMP (Required)

Some of the best education in this program is found in the hands-on labs. Our boot camps have state-of-the-art real-world systems (not mockups) to give students training needed to be successful in the industry.

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TC100Intro to Telecommunications4
TC101Networking Cabling: Fiber4
TC102Networking Cabling: Copper4
TC103Applied Systems Integration1
TC104Connecting to Business1
SO100Student Success Seminar1
Total Credit Hours: 15