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Welcome, parents! We understand choosing the right college is an important decision, both for the student and their family.   A college education creates opportunities, not only for the graduate, but for the communities they serve in their respective careers. Colby Community College congratulates families who have supported their students toward achieving more. Thank you!

This page is your resource to the College. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office by phone (785) 460-4690 or by emailing

CCC Parent Resources

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Specific Information for:

The Community of Colby 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a payment on my student's account?

Students can set up a personal identification number (PIN) through their TrojanWeb that will send a payer an invitation to make a payment on a student account. 

What information can CCC share with me about my student?

In order for CCC to share any information about a student, or student record, the student must give consent by completing a FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) form and submitting it to the Admissions Office. 

What resources are available to help my student if they struggle with a class?

The CCC library offers free tutoring to current students, both online and on-campus. Check out our Library for more information or click on tutoring. Student Support Services is also available to qualifying students. 

How can I send a package or letter to a CCC student?

Packages and other mail can be sent to students at:

Colby Community College
ATTN: [Student Name] 
1255 South Range Ave.
Colby, KS 67701

*Be sure to include the student's name for proper, and timely, delivery. 

CCC is delighted to have your student on campus. Thank you for letting us share in this experience.